Realising that the headline has a dubious double meaning let me clear this up quickly. The Thee Men and a Baby series has been teetering on the brink of a remake or a revisiting for sometime, nostalgia and time doing just enough to ensure that the idea of another of a Three Men and A… movie (or 3?&A as it will probably be called) won’t cause potential audiences to throw their hands up in horrified bemusement, and this new piece of news is not an update on the Guttenberg/Selleck/Danson reunion we were promised but another, far worse prospect on offer.

Movieweb are the brave souls to bring us the news that Walt Disney are keen to plough funds into an Adam Sandler produced remake of the film with Rob Schneider , Chris Rock and David Spade as three gay men who find a baby on their doorstep but somehow the Mafia are involved somehow, who knows? The point is that after Grown Ups is there anyone who thinks this is a good idea? Sandler’s recent Jack and Jill trailer made us pine for the glory days of The Wedding Singer and though it’s supposed that Sandler will not actually star in the film, the threat of a cameo is always there.

In fact, why not throw in another 80s remake and combine this film with Look Who’s Talking with Sandler as the baby who finds three gay men just hi-larious. Guttenberg can cameo as a Vegas junkie.

The one bright ray of sunshine is that Movieweb only understand this is a potential project and no-one has commented officially which means we can file this one straight in the Bin of Bad Ideas (hopefully) never to be seen again.