Heading into cinemas next weekend, Pleasure Island marks the feature debut of Mike Doxford as both director and co-writer.

Ian Sharp (Killing Time), Gina Bramhill (Being Human), and Rick Warden (Indian Summers) lead the British crime thriller. And we’ve got the exclusive first trailer to share.

Pleasure Island PosterNicholas Day, Michael J. Jackson, Samuel Anderson, Conner Chapman, Cordelia Bugeja, Darwin Shaw, Paul Bullion, Jack Rigby, Neil McCaul, and Zachary Ward round out the cast.

Doxford directs from a script he co-wrote with Simon Richardson, with Doxford also producing alongside Sharp and Rebecca Joerin-Sharp.

Pleasure Island will be released on 14th August in the UK.

A mysterious man, Dean, returns to his hometown after many years abroad in the Army. His arrival is met with animosity, particularly from his father, an avid pigeon racer. Dean is drawn back to confront his demons, and confess a secret to a childhood friend, Jess, only to discover she has been struggling since the untimely death of her husband. Whilst attempting to raise her child and battling a crumbling economy and dearth of opportunities, she is pulled into a harsh underworld. Dean must help her, throw her a lifeline, but the situation only darkens. When their lives are threatened he will do all it takes to make sure she is safe.