Ray Winstone - TrackerHere’s the first couple of images from Ray Winstone and Temuera Morrison’s latest movie, ‘Tracker’ which is directed by Ian Sharp. The images have been released on Empire. Click them to enlarge. They don’t give away too much in the way of script other than the fact Morrison looks like he’s been beaten up and ‘tracked’ if you will!

Empire have given us a brief run down of the synopsis:

The film is set at the opening of the 20th century, when a guerilla fighter form the South African Boer war called Arjan (Winstone) takes on a manhunt for Maori seaman Kereama (Morrison), who is accused of murdering a British soldier. What follows is a cat and mouse pursuit through the varied landscape of NZ with both hunter and huntee testing their bushcraft and wits against that of the other.

No release date as yet other than 2010. More info as we get it.