Audiophiles rejoice, for today it was announced that the mighty Pixar/Disney are to team with Dolby Laboratories to create a new audio experience to tie in with the blockbusting Toy Story 3, due out in cinemas in June.

Variety had the story here and this collaboration can be seen as further proof of the aggressive investment the studios are pursuing to enhance the cinema experience and if this pans out the way Dolby are hoping it will

allow for a more comprehensive mix of audio and visual 3D elements, as well as a more exciting sensory experience to audiences for 2D.

There’s a fairly anaemic press statement from Dolby in the Variety article, and a few basic technical specs concerning cinemas which will take advantage, but with 3D visuals the move towards as close to 3D audio is clearly the next logical step. 7.1 has been a staple of home cinema for a while now, and I well remember my introduction to surround sound in the cinemas, it is an effect which still impresses today.

With Disney’s latest, Alice in Wonderland, riding high on the global box office chart and raking in the cash from 3D screens, Toy Story 3 may be their next record breaker. We are extremely excited about the whole affair and if we get to experience it in 7.1 sound then all the better.