Seriously, I’m half expecting a call from Marvel inviting me and my dog* to audition for the lead role in the forthcoming Joe Johnston directed Captain America.

Two reports came out in the last day or two, one from Deadline Hollywood revealing that G.I. Joe himself Channing Tatum has been contacted in connection with the role, and HitFix adding the name of Ryan Phillippe to the list of potential CapAms which includes Garrett Hedlund, Chris Evans, Mike Vogel and Scott Porter.

The question on everyone’s lips is surely – who cares? And I don’t mean about the actual casting – this is one of the most coveted roles currently up for grabs and we’re all ears for the actual announcement. But the slow drip of names into the blogosphere results in the sound of a hundred knees jerking as comments on the suitability of each potential are laid down. Cynically I’m considering this as the start of the marketing campaign, and I’m looking forward to this one as much as anyone, but let’s have a name Marvel, please?

Deadline also have a few names down for the role of Peggy, they are the Keira Knightley, Alice Eve and The Wolfman’s Emily Blunt, so a formidable list is being created on both side of the gender divide for this film, Blunt of course just missed out on Black Widow, a role eventually taken by Scarlett Johansson. Again, until we get a press release stating who has been cast it’s much of a muchness, but throwing the names of Tatum and Phillippe into the ring are sure to get the fans talking.

*I don’t actually have a dog. Consider this an extension to already stretched sarcasm.