Subtlety is not an option, clearly. Even so this brief glimpse of the follow up to the goresoaked flesh fair of the first film takes us over the edge and beyond the plains of parody and into something else entirely.

In a thirty second spot there’s an unhealthy amount of bikini carnage and slow motion running – it is essentially Baywatch meets Jaws complete with a cameo from David ‘The’ (Hassle) Hoff. Certainly he’ll get his oar chewed off in a gruesome piece of celebrity consumption but how much further can this film push the boundaries of taste and indency?

Danielle Panabaker joins Ving Rhames, Katrina Bowden, Gary Busey and Christoper Lloyd to be among those lining up to become fish food (or not – who knows?). A 2012 release is planned, but until then here’s that video,

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