Playstation VitaSony have finally announced a release date and RRP for its soon-to-be-awesome new handheld system, the PS Vita.

And we won’t have to wait that much longer, as it’s set for a 22nd February 2012 release.

There will be two versions of the console available on launch – a Wi-Fi model for £229.99 and a 3G/Wi-Fi model for £279.99.

Which – accountant fans – means that the handheld will cost more than the price of a PS3 on arrival.

That may sound bonkers in theory, but it’s definitely positioning itself as a mini PS3 and multimedia centre on the move from the details released.

Its design boasts a front touch screen, rear touch pad, dual analogue sticks, motion sensors and dual cameras, while it’s set to run a snazzy operating system of its own, with full Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter integration.

And that’s without even starting on the games – with over 25 game s available in Japan for launch, and over 80 in development as we speak (including seriously impressive looking versions of Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout, Resistance, Call of Duty and more), there’ll be more than enough gaming goodness to get stuck into.

But how does that pricing make you feel? It’s in line with the 3DS’ launch, but look how well that’s doing. Sound off below.