A 2011 start for The Hobbit seems to have jumped back into limbo and not because of Guillermo del Toro departure or the lack of approval from New Line and MGM, rather it’s because of the actors .  The new reason for the current Hobbit delay has to do with New Zealand actors refusing to act due to a pay wrangle.

Peter Jackson, the man behind all three LOTR films stated that the film could be shut down or simply moved to Eastern Europe, which to him, “could so easily happen.”  According to BBC, unions have urged actors not to work on [New Zealand] films due to the dispute.  Peter Jackson claims to treat all of his actors with “respect” and “fairness” and I can’t imagine that he would do otherwise.

Jackson continued to state that “if the Hobbit goes east, look forward to a long, dry big-budget movie drought in this country.”  While I would rather the film take place in New Zealand, I’d also like to see this film made and agree with  Jackson that New Zealand will probably develop half a good film a year without him.  Maybe I just haven’t seen anything besides Jackson and Waititi films.

Visit the BBC website to check out more details.