Last week HeyUGuys were lucky enough to get invited along to the press conference for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I was there armed with my video camera and you can watch the entire press conference in full here. After the press conference, along with a group of my fellow bloggers and journalists, I was able to interview Kevin McKidd and Steve Coogan (here), Alex Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson (interview here) and Percy Jackson himself, Logan Lerman and director, Chris Columbus (below).

This interview is the third and final interviews. Check out the time codes below to skip to the relevant part of the interview that interested you most:

  • How does it feel travelling around the world (00:00)
  • Did they have a nice time on their touring day? (00:16)
  • Chris talks Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter – Was he trying to avoid a comparison? (00:54)
  • How did Chris go through the transition between no CGI in movies to complete CGI and how did Logan find working on a green screen? (02:47)
  • How did Chris feel about his cast and working with British actors (06:00)
  • What was it like for Logan o work with these big names (07:17)
  • Working as the younger version of someone (08:14)
  • Has Logan be recognised yet? (08:37)
  • Does Logan worry about girl adoration? (09:23)
  • Is there a way to avoid teen adoration? (09:59)
  • Talk with the creator of the Goonies about! – This was a surreal but super cool moment!!
  • Working with child actors / actresses – why does Chris keep coming back to that genre? (11:16)
  • Chris just thought The Goonies was ‘OK’ (12:41)
  • Is Chris the expert of pushing kids movies to their riske limits? How does he get away with it? (13:07)
  • Comparing Clash of the Titans with Percy Jackson (14:23)
  • Did Chris compare notes with Louis Leterrier from Clash of the Titans?

[gplayer href=”″] Interview with Logan lerman and Chris Columbus: [/gplayer]