In a surprising move news has trickled in that ‘Paddington’ helmer Paul King, has left his position as director on Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’.

Speaking with Discussing Film the cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey has revealed that King has left the picture, which has seen Disney now scrambling to find another director to fill his boots.

“The director basically pulled out of the film, for um, family reasons. Disney are trying to find a new director, but yeah, I read those reports that Tom Hanks and all those other people, but yeah, they’re trying to get it going.”

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This puts a spanner in the works for Disney who have been trying to get the project off the ground since 2015. Sam Mendes was originally on board to helm the project but left the picture within months of signing on the dotted line.

Tom Hanks is attached to play the role of Pinocchio’s ‘father’ Geppetto and it has been rumoured that even he could be a possible replacement for King. The Disney story would follow a living puppet who must prove himself worthy in order to become a real boy. Geppetto is his creator, a master toymaker as well as a widower who longs for a son. Geppetto is protective of Pinocchio, prompting the boy to set out and see the world for himself.

Guillermo del Toro is also working stop motion animated version of the story which is geared towards a more adult audience for Netflix.