Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman and Minne Driver. Just three of the many reasons I’m looking forward to this Richard J. Lewis directed adaptation of the 1998 Mordecai Richler bestseller, Barney’s Version.

The short trailer, released today and cast high in the vast skies of the internet by The Playlist, preceeds its appearance at the Toronto International Festival, taking its place beside Aronofsky’s Black Swan, Mike Leigh’s Another Year and Alejandro González Iñárritu’s acclaimed Biutiful.

Here’s the briefest of brief synopsis from the forests of Amazon,

Even Barney Penofsky’s friends tend to agree that he is a wife-abuser, an intellectual fraud, a purveyor of pap, a violent drunk, and probably a murderer. But when his sworn enemy threatens to publish this calumny, Barney is driven to write his own memoirs, selecting and plagiarizing his life.

The double act of Giamatti and Hoffman looks to be a lot of fun, and while this trailer points to a cascade of witty, if bitter, banter. And it’s reminded me that we’ve not seen Minnie Driver on screen for a while, nice to see her back.