class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-4071″ style=”margin: 10px;” title=”oren peli” src=”” alt=”oren peli” width=”220″ height=”150″ />To follow up the Blair Witchian success of Paranormal Activity Oren Peli has chosen a similarly styled story based on and around the Area 51 legends.

Telling the story of three teenagers who stumble across a web of intrigue in the labyrinths of the US Government’s most secret facility, the film was announced recently and now there’s a little more meat on those bones.

Latino Review have seen a treatment for the film and, while not overly impressed with the similar device of ‘found footage’, they say there’s enough here to give Peli a chance to build on PA’s success.

There’s considerable spoilers but as we’ve seen so many films dealing with this subject, and as Peli has vowed to continue working with unknown actors there’s a good chance that much of the effectiveness of the film will come from the devices used to tell the story.

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