nic cage sorcerers apprenticeWe’ve already seen him filming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice on the streets of New York and now (via MovieWeb) have the first production shots of Nicolas Cage in full costume, complete with long straggly hair and his patented look of earnest vim.

Teaming up with the National Treasure posse Cage plays Balthazar Blake, the eponymous Sorcerer who recruits an apprentice played by Jay Baruchel to fight off the dark power of Alfred Molina’s Maxim Hovarth.

So far, so typical magical/fantasy fare, only the presence of Molina (who was so good in An Education) raises any interest for me and Disney really do need to up their live action game in a big way.

Will The Sorcerer’s Apprentice achieve this? Time will tell – take a look at the pictures below.

sorcerers apprentice press

sorcerers apprentice cage