Parallel is a new sci-fi from Mexican filmmaker Isaac Ezban, and features Swedish actor Martin Wallström in the leading role, and to we had the pleasure of speaking to the actor to mark the film’s release. Wallström talks to us on Zoom about the project and what lured him in, and compares himself to his character and how vital it is that he is able to understand the motives (some of which are questionable to say the least). We also ask him about his time spent on Mr. Robot alongside Academy Award winner Rami Malek, and ow sad he was for that experience to end – though he admits it was the right time. We also chat about Stellan Skarsgard, who he loves, and we love, and basically this turns into a Stellan love-in. Enjoy!


A group of friends stumble upon a mirror that serves as a portal to a “multiverse”, but soon discover that importing knowledge from the other side in order to better their lives brings increasingly dangerous consequences.

Parallel is available now On Demand