Sinister LogoOne of the joys of this year’s FrightFest was Scott Derrickson’s Sinister.

Telling the story of a true crime novelist who moves his family to a new house which, unbeknowst to them, is the scene of an atrocious and unexplained murder. While moving in Ethan Hawke’s Ellison finds a box of Super 8 films in the attic which throw a disturbing light on the murders and as he looks through them he uncovers a new and unsettling dimension to the crimes.

It’s a fun film, with some arresting visuals. I spoke to C. Robert Cargill who wrote the film and that interview will be up on the site closer to release. Cargill had a lot to say about the state of horror in film at the moment and how this whole film came from a very disturbing dream he had. Also sequels came up…

Here’s the new motion poster which you’ll be seeing around the UK, the film is out on the 5th of October.