You know what amazes me?  That when people mention the film ‘Son of No One’ they immediately shout Channing Tatum’s name.  My question is why, when Al Pacino stars in the film too.  Ok, I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t think to much when it comes to a MTV article, but thanks to them, we get to watch the trailer for this lovely film.

As Sundance 2011 gets underway, a plethora of trailers and photos are consequently released in hopes of getting the public and studios excited about the film in addition to selling the movie and securing distribution for it.  One of the films premiering at Sundance is Dito Montiel’s (Fighting) new film, Son of No One, a crime drama starring Pacino, Tatum, Tracy Morgan, Katie Holmes, Juliette Binoche, and Ray Liotta.

Son of No One follows two friends (Tatum and Morgan) forced to face the consequences of a murder they committed — and got away with — 16 years earlier. Tatum’s character Jonathan “Milk” White has gone on to a successful career with the police force and has a happy home life with his wife (Holmes) and Child. Morgan’s character Vinnie has kind of gone the other way. When Milk is assigned to the precinct where he grew up, his decade-and-a-half-old secret threatens to tear apart his life and his family.

Although not entirely original, the film has a fantastic cast and looks like it could be a surprisingly good little crime drama.  Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments section further down the page.