The story of Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg’s ascension to the top (and the ensuing drama around his creation) has proved to be a big box office draw, and it also looks like The Social Network may be the recipient of a number of Oscars, come March time.

Following that film’s success and the current thirst to capitalise on contemporary news stories, it comes as no surprise to learn (via The Wrap) that a biopic of Julian Assange (the man who recently caused a near world-wide PR meltdown with site Wikileaks) is in the works.

Michelle Krumm (a former Weinstein Company executive) has teamed up with Josephson Entertainment to option the yet-to-be-published biography of Assange, entitled The Most Dangerous Man in The World. Written by Australian journalist Andrew Fowler, the book is scheduled to be released later this year.

The creator of Wikileaks is currently being held in custody over here, having had sex crime charges filed against him from Sweden.