I'd buy that for a dollar robocop manWith so many deals available online we’ve taken the liberty of picking through the bargain bin and pulling out the choicest offers we could find.

This week we have an excellent sci-fi film, a famous graphic novel and the latest outing for one of the most popular gaming characters out there.

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Attack The Block – Blu-Ray – £10.49 – HMV

What was probably the biggest cult hit of 2011, Attack the Block was the directorial debut of Joe Cornish (who was also one of the writers on The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn) and even though audience members really liked the film, it unfortunately was not as successful at the box office in the UK and overseas.

Set in a London council estate, a local street gang (who are all newcomers and first time actors) must defend themselves against a monstrous alien invasion. Joining forces with local drug dealer Ron (Nick Frost) and new resident Sam (Jodie Whittaker), the unlikely team must use their knowledge of the streets to fight off the aliens.

With the film available to Blu-Ray and DVD, there is no better time to buy this film and as it is priced at just under eleven pounds on the HMV website, this is worth every penny. Included in this particular Blu-Ray is a copy of the film on DVD as well and a bunch of bonus features, including commentary and a collection of behind-the-scenes footage. Here’s our review.

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Batman Arkham Asylum (15th Anniversary Edition) – Graphic Novel – £7.99 – Forbidden Planet

Arkham City was one of the biggest and most successful sequels of the last few years and it’s great to see it’s popularity soaring, with sales and downloadable content still doing well and NetherRealm Studios making the spin-off IOS game Arkham City Lockdown. But what many people may not be aware of is that the original game was loosely based on a graphic novel starring The Dark Knight written by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, with McKean doing the artwork.

After the patients of Arkham Asylum have escaped their cells, took the staff hostage and taken over the facility, Batman is forced to enter and put a stop to the chaos that Joker has led. With Dave McKean behind the artwork, the book is absolutely gorgeous to look at, making each villain extremely dark, offering us beutifuly twisted characters and making Batman’s journey through the iconic psychiatric hospital deeply memorable.

Now that the graphic novel has enjoyed its fair share of new readers thanks to the two Batman games, the book is now available in a 15th Anniversary Edition by Titan Books that includes samples on the development of the book, the complete script and more nice additions. Even if you have never read a Batman book and really liked one of the many adaptations, this is a great place to start!

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Rayman Origins – Play Station 3, X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii – £17.98 to £19.98 – GAME

Retailers are still on their new year sales and it is no surprise to see that gamers can still buy one of the many Christmas releases at a cheap price. But what was probably the most crazy and weird games to be released was Rayman Origins, a game that was not the biggest selling games of 2011 as it’s price at most shops and websites were cut in half a few weeks after it’s release date.

The premise starts with Rayman, Globox, Grand Minimus and Goth Caster are sleeping and are snoring very noisily. In fact, there snoring is so noisy that it disturbs an old woman who commands her monstrous creatures to create chaos around the world. Rayman and his friends must set everything right through detailed and beautifully animated lands that makes the game feel like an interactive cartoon that you can play either by yourself or with a second player.

With Ubisoft finally putting Rayman back into his platforming roots, it’s a wonderful treat for those who loved the original game and a great introduction for newcomers.

At just under eighteen pounds for the Wii and at just around twenty pounds for the Play Station 3 and X-Box 360, this is a very good price for a game that oozes so much colour, creativity and fun out of it’s brilliant level designs.

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