To celebrate the release of Our Ladies, which opens in UK cinemas this week, we sat down with the film’s amazing cast and its director to find out about one of the year’s very best films.

Based on the award-winning novel “The Sopranos” by Alan Warner, Our Ladies follows a group of Scottish schoolgirls on a day trip to Edinburgh to perform in a choir competition. These teens from a small town in the Scottish Highlands become a chance to escape their daily lives and run riot in the big city. With few expectations for their futures, Orla (Tallulah Greive), Finnoula (Abigail Lawrie), Manda (Sally Messham), Kay (Eve Austin), Chell (Rona Morison), and Kylah (Marli Siu) is determined to live for every moment in this raucous tale of love, life, and true friendship.

We spoke to all the ladies about the film, their experiences together whilst making it, being “let loose” by director Michael Caton-Jones, the important lessons the film seeks to teach, and why, despite its period setting, the experiences of young women are hugely important and for films like this to shine a light on them from their perspective. We also chat with director Caton-Jones about adapting the book, the 20-year odyssey to make it, and how his wonderful cast made his job easier.

You can watch the full interviews below:

Our Ladies opens in UK cinemas on August 27th.