After cameoing in such films as Paranormal Activity and The Skeleton Key, it looks as though the humble Ouija board is ready for its turn in the limelight.

Part of the baffling decision to adapt numerous board games for the big screen, the Ouija board is relatively light on narrative backstory compared to fellow efforts Stretch Armstrong and Monopoly. With Battleship having to employ aliens to pad out the running time and earn the considerable $200 million budget, you have to wonder what  transformations will inevitably befall this particular game – which has players ask questions of a ‘mystifying oracle’ to which alleged answers are spelled out with a triangular gamepiece. Riveting.

With Platinum Dunes behind the project – and a supernatural reputation – you could be forgiven for thinking Ouija had ‘traditional horror movie’ written all over it. Not so, apparently, with Taken’s Pierre Morel tipped to direct –  and numerous ‘Lost’ alumni writing – the project will more of an action-adventure feature than a traditional horror. Nobody wants to be typecast, after all.

With the L. A. Times likening the film’s proposed direction to National Treasure, I can’t help myself hoping for something a little more Jumanji. What would you like to see from Ouija?