Orlando Bloom has ridden the blockbuster roller coaster already, causing teenage chaos in Lord of the Rings and crossing swords in the Pirates trilogy. Now it seems he is to scale back his profile with a starring role in an indie movie directed by Lance Daly called The Good Doctor.

THR threw this one out onto the internets and their synopsis reads thus:

The script from John Enbom (“Veronica Mars”), described as a Hitchcockian thriller, centers on a frustrated doctor looking to impress his superiors and colleagues. When his 18-year-old patient, admitted for a kidney infection, provides him with the esteem he so craves, the doctor tampers with her treatment so that she’ll have to stay at the hospital with him.

So we’ll have Bloom stalking dark hospital corridors on a hell-bent ego trip, doing nasty things with repercussions of blackmail, suspicion and, no doubt, there’ll be some medicinal death thrown in for good measure.

I have to say I’m not familiar with Lance Daly’s work, but the casting of Bloom will contribute to the hype building around this project – whether Bloom can pull off Hitchcockian thrills (as THR put it) is yet to be seen. He will star alongside Michael Pena and Courtney Ford, Taraji P. Henson, Rob Morrow and the always fun J.K. Simmons are also in the mix.

Eyes and ears, as always, will be on this one.