We’ve seen James Purefoy stalking the land with an enormous sword already, but today the official poster for Ironclad, Jonathan English’s tale of a band of knights who defend Rochester Castle against the growing tyranny of King John, is here.

This has a great cast and I can’t wait to see Paul Giamatti slice and dice as King John (unless he simply stands at the back stroking his beard and calling for the archers to fire), but this should be Purefoy’s film. Currently shooting John Carter of Mars, Purefoy is also to be seen shortly in Solomon Kane and Ironclad will round off an amazing year for the actor.

The poster was an Empire exclusive, and it arrived complete with portentous full stops after each word of the tagline. Blood. Will. Run. isn’t as inspiring as it could be, but the image is a great one and points the way for a bloody, dirty mess when the film finally reaches the screens later this year.