Murdock & BAFor those of you out there who were worried that none of the original A-Team cast would be appearing in the new A-Team movie, fear not as The Official Dwight Schultz Fansite have confirmed that Dwight himself has been in Vancouver on the set of the new movie filming a cameo and also commented that Sharlto Copley, who reprising the famous role is ‘brilliant beyond words’.

Their statement below:

October 30th. 2009

We have received many questions if Dwight will have a cameo part in the A-team movie. We are pleased to inform you all that Dwight has actually already been working in Vancouver, where he has played a cameo role in The A-Team movie. Sharlto Copley, the South African actor who plays Murdock, is according to Dwight: ‘brilliant beyond words’. Dwight has seen his screen test and he stated: that honestly, if Sharlto is given an opportunity to do what I saw in that test, “Murdock” will be better than ever!’ Sharlto has been very kind to him on the set and Dwight must say that he has been treated very well.

In my opinion is was pretty much inevitable before we heard this information but it’s nice to be confirmed all the same. Now all we need are Mr. T and Dirk Benedict to announce their roles and we’ll be complete – which I’m sure won’t be long before we do! More info as we get it.