Season three of Orange is the New Black arguably spent a little too much time focusing on dirty panties instead of the dynamic between the prisoners, but if this new trailer for the show’s return is any indication, things in Litchfield look set to get really intense when it hits Netflix next month. In fact, we may be looking at a full on war between some of the inmates!

Netflix renews Orange is the New Black for three more seasons

Understaffed and overcrowded, tensions are rising and things look like they’re going to backfire on Piper in a big way. What’s going to become of Alex remains to be seen at this stage, especially as she’s conspicuous by her absence in this new look at the series; could it be that her past will finally catch up with her fairly early on in the show’s fourth season?

Orange is the New Black Retrospective: 10 Best Moments So Far

Time will tell, but with Orange is the new Black set to return on June 17th, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hailed as one of Netflix’s best shows, the series is showing no sign of slowing down, something which could become a predicament when Piper’s sentence nears its end. Perhaps that’s something we’ll see addressed during this run!