One-Direction-This-Is-Us-PosterEarlier in the year, we were lucky enough to head to Mexico for the annual Summer of Sony event where we got to interview numerous celebrities from movies that Sony are releasing over the next six months. So far, you’ve seen our coverage from After Earth but we’ve got loads more for you in the pipeline! Today we’re going down a slightly different road as we get to give you some snippets from the brand new documentary movie One Direction: This is Us Press Conference. This post will serve as part one of the press conference with the rest being posted nearer the release of the movie on 29th August.

While we were in sunny Cancun, the five members of One Direction (we’ve now learnt their names! – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne) were in Manchester literally about to go on stage but joined us for a rather amusing press conference via Skype while the films director Morgan Spurlock (best known for Documentary Supersize Me) joined us at the event. The press conference became increasingly amusing as the five guys (who were obviously hyped up to go on stage back in England) were having a lot of fun mocking both the journalists and their Director knowing they were thousands of miles away ans safe from both his and our clutches! This made the press conference extremely amusing and made us realise just how much fun these guys must have making their movie and no doubt how fun it will be to watch when it’s finished.

One-Direction-This-is-UsDirector  Morgan Spurlock and his cameras have been following the five X-Factor winners around the globe on their tours for the past year getting as much footage as they possible can for the documentary. When asked what they loved so much about working with Spurlock they gave these answers (and you’ll begin to see the tone of the press conference!).

Niall Horan (NH): I like his hair

Louis Tomlinson (LT):  I like his blazer.

Harry Styles (HS):  I like his mustache

Zayn Malik (ZM): Yeah he’s got a good mustache.

Liam Payne (LP):  He’s giving us tips on how to grow one.

LT:  I like his shoes.

HS: Yeah his shoes. I think with Morgan – I think he’s in like the films he’s done in the past he’s always kind of got really involved in it. And kind of prepared to go kind of the extra mile. We’ve seen the stuff he’s done. Like he takes it upon himself to kind of show stuff. And you know I think we wanted someone who would get really involved in it and kind of get to know us. And not just kind of stand back and make it from the side lines. So I think with Morgan, we’re lucky that we have that with him. Was that right?

LT: He’s sat next to us.

One-Direction-This-is-UsThat last line from Louis was referring to the Skype call as they all start trying to point at Spurlock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to the amusement of everyone in the room!

Carrying on from the question above, we get to hear more about the band’s involvement in making the movie and how Spurlock has helped in this regard. We also get to hear about how the movie is very much like X-Factor in which they shot to fame and got used to having cameras around them filming their every move.

ZM: That’s the cool thing about working with someone like Morgan. Because he is so hands on and involved you do kind of feel like you have full control of everything that is going on.

HS: And it is exciting as well because at the same time you know there is only so much of ourselves that people can see. You know when through like social media or in interviews and stuff like that you can never really get to know someone. And I think this movie is a great chance for you know the fans and just people who don’t really know us to get a chance to see a different side of us that they haven’t seen before.

NH: And when we started our career you know that we lived with cameras for ten weeks on the X-Factor. So we didn’t have any problem having the cameras around. And it was just a case of getting to know Morgan as we were shooting the movie. And it was um it was very nice. And he is really cool and he has nice mustache hair. And he wears a nice waistcoat!

Moving on from we get to hear why it is they think they have become so popular…..

LP: I don’t know. Well Harry is the king of hair.

HS: I don’t know.

NH: I think it’s just us being ourselves.

LT: Yeah.

HS: Yeah. I think we’ve never like tried to be anything that we are not. Um and we’re kind of you know, we’re kind of idiots sometimes.

NH:  Yeah we are idiots.

LT: Uh we’re stupid.

HS: And girls come to see us as like the guys would be sat at the back of the classroom throwing paper around the room. And like stuff like that. And I think they can relate to us in terms of like a lot of our fans we’re the same age as. So like they’re going through the same exams that we’d be going through. Or that our friends are going through and stuff like that so. You know we are quite like…don’t know. Just normal lads.

And these ‘normal lads’ have fast become one of the biggest bands in the world. We’ll have much more for you from the Press conference in the coming month or two until the film is released in the UK on August 29th. Until then, keep your eyes peeled on HeyUGuys as we’ll have more trailers, posters and interviews going up. They can all be found here.