One-Direction-3D-Mosaic-Map-ShotAfter finishing third in 2010’s X Factor, One Direction have since exploded across the globe, selling millions upon millions of records, and having well and truly conquered the music industry, they’ve turned their sights on the film industry. Thus we have the band’s first movie, and in 3D no less: 1D3D.

The One Direction 3D movie will be hitting theatres this summer. It will be following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which took just shy of 0m. in 2011.

Fans have recently been submitting their photos to help unlock this trailer, and become part of the official movie poster mosaic.

The band will be going on the road in the UK at the end of this month, kicking off their latest tour at the O2 Arena in London on 23rd February. They’ve not yet announced when they’ll be going across the Atlantic next, but smart money says that they’ll be playing across the US this summer and/or autumn/fall.

No word yet on when we can expect 1D3D, the One Direction 3D movie, to arrive in theatres exactly, but we do know that it’s going to be this summer. And the odds are looking good that it’s going to be a big success. One Direction in 3D: As close to the band as you can get until they next play live in your city. Here’s the first teaser trailer to kick it all off.

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