This isn’t our usual sort of thing to review here on HeyUGuys but I’m always a fan of documentaries and when I got offered this one about the creatures of the deep so I thought, why not! Universal Home Entertainment and International Entertainment have created the 3D Ocean Trilogy on 3D which contains titles which were originally shown in IMAX theatres, Ocean Wonderland 3D, Sharks 3D and Dolphins & Whales: Tribes of the Ocean 3D, the later of which is narrated by Daryl Hannah and all are directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

The main draw to these titles will be the 3d aspect and while most homes still don’t have 3d capabilities (including me), these movies are still great if you’re a fan of nature documentaries. All three of these Blu-rays give you the option to watch in 2d so don’t let the 3d titles put you off.

Daryl Hannah narrates the Whale documentary while the other two BD’s are narrated by a man (or more accurately a turtle) with a very posh English accent who constantly uses American terminology which really got on my nerves! Maybe if I was American and didn’t know better, this wouldn’t grate so much but it was like listening to my friends speak in an American accent and then just using phrases that didn’t work. I tried to get past this though as I had to remember that this is made for kids to enjoy!

I think if you have kids who are learning about the Animal Kingdom and want to find out more about the creatures that like beneath the deep, then these BD’s are most definitely for you. The narration is specifically geared towards a younger audience and are packed full of information that your kids (and you) can absorb – did you know that a Killer Whale is a member of the dolphin family?! Me Neither!

If you’re an adult however who is keen on any of the David Attenborough BBC documentaries which are much more in depth, then I’d stick with them as these brush over each topic much more quickly than he would. The scenery is breathtaking and all the shots of the creatures they manage to get are just fascinating.  Jean-Michel Cousteau has done a great job with the soundtrack. All in all, a good watch, especially if you have kids learning about the ocean in school.

All three Blu-rays are available to buy now.

Check out the trailer below.