Last week we were invited to an event at visual effects and computer animation studio Framestore, which showcased the new cinema advert for LG Electronics 3D TV.

Richard Ayoade (best known for his role in The IT Crowd and the director behind the highly-anticipated, upcoming rites of passage comedy feature, Submarine) joined forces with Framestore’s digital team to direct the ad and the end product is a virtuoso, single take, in-camera delight which more than adequately demonstrates the advantages of having 3D in the home.

Designed to inform consumers and ease the confusion around this new domestic technology, a live-action FAQ has also been devised (embedded with the advert below). Comedy duo Tim Key and Lloyd Wolf deliver pre-recorded answers through the online interface in response to consumers’ questions.

LG’s vision of using fun and entertaining means of educating consumers was certainly reflected in the package here. Like the advert, it’s clear that Ayoade has been given the freedom to infuse this viral with his own quirky sensibilities, resulting in a wonderfully kitsch-style, which filters though to the art direction, and is brought to life by the performances of two comedians who have a real rapport together and are genuinely hilarious.

As a leading effects company, Framestore have worked on a variety of major Hollywood productions over the past 20 years or so, and guests were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the digital processes involved in delivering the initial crew landing segment from Avatar – a brief minute or so of screen time, but a project which took the company months to create and perfect in accordance to James Cameron’s rigorous specifications.

The presentation proved to be a fun and informative hour or so, which provided an engaging glimpse into what big electronic companies are doing to ease consumers into an every-changing digital landscape.