The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Irish filmmaker Kirsten Sheridan (Dollhouse) is set to write and direct an Amy Winehouse biopic which will tell the tragic life story of the Grammy award winning singer. A somewhat controversial documentary was released earlier this year which has ended up being one of 2015’s best reviewed releases and also a box office success, so it’s perhaps not all that surprising that a movie is in the works to follow that.

Talks are apparently under way with Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, to use Amy’s music in the film. However, given his response to Amy, it’s hard to say whether he’ll agree.

Here’s where things get really interesting though. Prometheus star Noomi Rapace is in talks to take on the role of Amy Winehouse in the movie, and while she may not look the part on the surface, you have to believe that the Academy Award nominated actress will be able to undergo a transformation to really pull his off. Specific details on which period of Amy’s life this would cover aren’t known at this time, but it’s a project with a lot of potential for sure.

Amy Winehouse found a huge amount of success with Back to Black, but died from alcohol poisoning in 2011 at just 27. As of right now, that album has sold over 20 million copies.