An image from new indie flick Nobody Walks has turned up on the film’s Facebook page.

It features lead actress Olivia Thirlby (soon to be seen dispensing justice in a crime-ravaged Mega City One in long-awaited sci-fi actioner, Dredd) who co-stars in the film alongside The Office’s John Krasinski and the ever busy Rosemarie DeWitt in the tale of a young artist who leaves an indelible impression on a family of LA-based creative types.

The film is on limited release in the US from October 12th. A UK date has yet to materialise, although we saw it at this year’s Sundance London and were quite impressed (you can read our review here).

The film is co-written by young actress/writer/director Lena Dunham, whose own directorial effort from last year (Tiny Furniture) received some decent notices on both sides of the pond.