No Way Out

No Way Out is a romantic drama brought to life emphatically by its leading stars Maia Mitchell and Joey Bicicchi – and to mark its release Stateside, we had the pleasure of speaking to the duo via Zoom. They talk about the intense nature of their character’s relationship and how they went about forming that tight bond, and in such a fleeting moment in time. They also talk to the benefits of having an intimacy coach on set, while we also look ahead of other projects, and ask Bicicchi what it was like recently working with Robert De Niro. And we speak to Mitchell about moving back to Australia, and of course, the Neighbours finale…

Watch the full interview with Maia Mitchell and Joey Bicicchi here:


Follows a couple that lives in Los Angeles. They are embroiled in a passionate relationship fueled by sex, drugs and risk that quickly reaches a boiling point.

No Way Out is out in theaters in the US now