As Neighbours returned, thanks to Amazon Freevee bringing the residents of Ramsay Street back to our screens, of course given the break in production between the old and new chapters, there remains a two year period that us unaccounted for. Thankfully though, with ‘Flashback Week’, fans of the much-loved Australian soap opera can be filled in on the gaps, and discover all that went down in this break.

To mark flashback week, which is currently underway on Freevee, we had the pleasure of speaking to two of the main players, chatting to both Lucinda Armstrong Hall (Holly) and Lucinda Cowden (Mel) as they update, and tease us, as to where their characters are, and what audiences can expect… Needless to say, there’s much here for fans of Neighbours to digest.

Watch the full interview with Lucinda Armstrong Hall & Lucinda Cowden here:

Neighbours is showing on Amazon Freevee