The first night at the museum was a fun romp through history with much CG fun and Dick van Dyke putting in a neat performance against type. Plus you had Mickey Rooney so you can’t go far wrong.

The second was awash, nay drowned in, the visual splendor which was used so subtly before and it seemed a coherence was jettisoned in favour of the outlandish.

This time around Ben Stiller and co are making the trip over to London in a race, and I’m quoting from the synopsis here, ‘to save the magic before it is gone forever’ so now you know. Will we get the bottom of the museum mystery?

Rebel Wilson, Dan Stevens and Sir Ben Kingsley join in the fun with the man Gervais, Steve Googan and Owen Wilson back for more.

We were at the London press conference today and have the full video for you lucky people below.