scream-2Some news coming to us from that from some reliable sources, its been rumored that the legend of horror that is Wes Craven is back to direct the fourth outing of the popular horror franchise.

Already attached to the movie and back for some more running from the Scream are Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox so the addition of Wes Craven will surely add some quality and consistency to the film.

Made 12 years ago in 1996, Scream revitalized the slasher film genre adding another instantly recognizable Horror villain using the now well known mask and was also probably responsible for the likes of Halloween to be given a further sequel in 1998 and also adding two more scream sequels due to the overwhelming success of the original.

The film perfectly captured the slasher film genre referencing many horror films and creating the rules to survive a horror movie that of course no one ever follows.

So good news for the film then, hopefully more news to come on a plot that will follow a different route than the trilogy did before it.