Having decided not to bestow my hard-earned upon Clash of the Titans when it was foisted upon us, I am in no place to judge whether the Wrath of the Titans looks set to be a more compelling prospect than their mere Clash-ment. The approach this time around seems to be of the “more, faster, bigger, louder” variety so beloved of, well, lazy film-making, though as ever I am more than happy to be proved wrong.

This time around, we are getting a few featurettes before the event, introducing us to the various creatures, either to build up anticipation or to stop us all becoming hopelessly confused. Today we have a potted guide to the Minotaur, “imprisoned at the centre of the Labyrinth,” a “tortured soul of a man with this hideous deformity,” who looks like being a bit of a handful.

There is certainly no faulting the creature design here, which is all very proficient. As was the case last time around, the film will not rise and fall on the quality of the CGI, it never does these days. It will depend upon the story-telling and the characterisation.

In the meantime, check out the YouTube video below.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npXh-0Pk6h8′]

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