Say hello to my little remake. Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures is planning on bringing another version of gangster epic, Scarface, to the big screen.

With Martin Bregman (producer of the Al Pacino version) back on board, apparently the idea is to stage a new interpretation of the legend, so this will be neither a remake nor sequel. Instead, it will chart the rise of another immigrant (Paul Muni was Italian in the 1932 version, and as we all know Pacino’s character hailed from Cuba) who works his way up the criminal ranks to the position of kingpin, whilst trying to attain the supposed American Dream.

Since this is being touted as a new version, there is the potential to do something different and interesting with the material, although since the 1983 film has now gained somewhat of an iconic status and is genuinely loved by many, from a money-making point of view, the built-in audience which is already there for a third feature must look very attractive indeed to the studio.