Icon Home Entertainment have just sent this brand new UK trailer for new movie coming straight to DVD called, Pelican Blood. As you’ll see when you watch the trailer and read the synopsis, it’s all looking rather intense! The movie was shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival and if it’s IMDb score is anything to go by, it’s pretty good!

Synopsis: Adapted by Cris Cole (Mad Dogs; The Good Times Are Killing Me) from the acclaimed novel by Cris Freddi and directed by Karl Golden (The Honeymooners; Belonging To Laura), the cool, sexy and provocative new Brit-flick, Pelican Blood, stars Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank; City Of Ember; Control), Emma Booth (The Boys Are Back), Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who; Robin Hood) and Christopher Fulford (Whitechapel) in the compelling tale of an impetuous young couple who embark on a capricious affair after meeting on a suicide website chat room.

Pelican Blood is released on DVD on 7th March and you can pre-order it here or rent it here.