While the previous incarnation of 2000 AD’s lawman is blowing people up on screen in The Expendables 2 we’re all waiting to see how Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd improves on the 1995 offering.

Early reviews are generally promising without being overwhelmingly positive (the hideous phrase ‘dumb action flick’ has been passed around sadly) , lazy comparisons to The Raid abound and yet with each new look at Pete Travis’ film hopes rise that they’ve not only got it right in terms of world and character but have also managed to make a decent film out of the generous source material.

This new TV spot isn’t as Slo-mo heavy as previous marketing splats have been, though there is something wonderful (and wonderfully right) about the visual trickery on display, Karl Urban gets to utter the usual catchphrases and the action on display should please fans.

Go forth and click the drok out of this one,

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