Fresh from the twitterstorm created by the unveiling of the new UK title for The Avengers (it’ll be Avengers Assemble over here, to avoid confusion with the Sydney Newman TV Series from the 60s) we have ourselves a new trailer to enjoy.

Joss Whedon heads up Marvel’s superhero behemoth and along with the requisite explosions we’re sure to have Whedon’s trademark wit in an ensemble framework, something he has excelled at on TV and also in film.

While comic book fans will pour over the intricacies of few seconds on show here and how faithfully it holds to the source material the rest of us may take more convincing. Certainly the familiarity with the characters and the star-strewn cast will help and perhaps the unstoppable juggernaut of comic book movies will simply gather up wandering audiences along with it. You can bet that Marvel and Disney think so.

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