Total Recall film trailerI wonder if in years to come we’ll be referring to the star of (the new) Total Recall with the same diminutive affection as we so with the star of (the old) Total Recall? ‘Col’ doesn’t quite have the same chummy insouciance as ‘Arnie’ does it?

But there are other fan-service parallels between the two films, not least the constant obsession with the appearance of the triple-breasted woman (because she is CRUCIAL to the whole plot), and this new clip has a big one so if you don’t want your Easter Egg hunt ruined then please look away now.

From what I can see here I don’t think this scene works as well as the Verhoeven version but I do love the nod Len Wiseman gives to those of us who loved watched Arnie get his ass to Mars.

Here’s the clip, all the way from Total Film,