I’m going to resist the opportunity to trash the moribund third film in this series and instead clear my mind of prejudice, justified though it is, and smile politely as I present to you four new stills from Shrek Forever After.

Cashing cheques and taking names this time, Mike Myers returns as the verdant ogre along with Cameron Diaz’s Fiona with Puss-in-Boots and Donkey, played by Antonio Banderas and Eddie Murphy respectively, and there’s the regular host of celebrities voices in the mix but… are any of you really looking forward to this one?

Animation, both CG/3D and traditional hand drawn, has had an amazing few years with Pixar and Disney leading the way, with Dreamworks and the others (finally) running them a close second.

With the stellar Princess and the Frog and Up wowing audiences, and How to Train Your Dragon coming up soon with fabulous word of mouth, does the world need another Shrek movie? I’m as willing as the next person to enjoy a Shrek movie, if it’s any good of course, but cast and crew really need to pull something pretty special out of the hat this time around.

Credit to Yahoo Movies for all of this, and if this isn’t enough to push you over the edge then please check out the trailer here.