Here’s another Shrek Forever After clip to feed your ogre addiction until the film splats onto the silver screens in 3D.

Returning to this profitable well in Dreamworks latest fairy-talespin are the usual suspects – Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas. Also returning are John Cleese and Julia Andrews and Justin Timberlake and there’s a new clip available tonight which you can see below.

It’s all about the Pied Piper being a bounty hunter and there’s a whole load of dancing ogres and talking heads as Cameron Diaz and director Mike Mitchell talk about how great this film is.

After its premiere at the Tribeca film festival Shrek Forever After had pretty toxic reviews but as always an open mind is being kept until we see this one.

Moviefone unleashed this one into the wide world, and thank God they did.