There’s only a week to go until we get our look at the latest 80s franchise update to tear through the nostalgia barrier and arrive with the Nimrod Antal directed/Robert Rodriguez produced Predators, and in amongst the sheer tonnage of marketing there are still new sights to see.

There’s two new clips around today which have Adrien Brody, Alice Braga and friends working out where (and why) they are. In the first clip, the team have an interesting encounter with someone who is not what he seems, check that out below…

This one is a ShockTillYouDrop exclusive, show them some linky love.

Then there is another nicely chosen clip to set the film up – it gives away the basic premise of the film, so keep out of the way if you want to be untrampled by the spoiler bus, but it’s very clear what Adrien Brody and his team of militarised misfits are doing in the jungle.

The clip is an exclusive to JoBlo and it’s well worth your time before the 8th of July hits and the Predators eat our eyeballs for popcorn.