Donnie Yen is having something of a renaissance at the moment and the teasers for his latest project suggest he’s going to have another hit on his hands.

A continuation of Yen’s 1995 TV series Fist of Fury The Legend of Chen Zhen features Donnie Yen as the main character Chen Zhen , a character previously played by both Bruce Lee and Jet Li.

Set in Shanghai in the 1920s Chen Zhen is believed dead but he is actually alive and well and living in disguise as the wealthy Koo. By night he also fights as a caped crusader, taking out the mafia organizations that he befriends and infiltrates by day.

As you can see the from the teasers below the costume Chen Zhen wears is very reminiscent of the Kato costume in the Green Hornet and it’s hard not to make a comparison considering the closeness of this film’s release to the new Green Hornet film.

Even though I still have faith in Gondry to come up with the goods for the new Green Hornet, although the recent trailer has left be wondering, I was disappointed when Stephen Chow left the project as I was looking forward to him bringing some fantastic martial arts to the Kato role. With The Legend of Chen Zhen it looks like I may get to see a caped crusader with incredible martial arts after all.

Check out the fantastic teasers embedded below and as an extra bonus I’ve also embedded Bruce Lee’s screen test for Kato.

The film is due for release in Hong Kong in October this year and hopefully here shortly after.

Source: Wildgrounds & AsianMoviePulse