Harrison Ford & Brendan Fraser - Extraordinary MeasuresAnyone else think that this is the most bizarre casting since we saw….. I can’t even think of anything this strange! Harrison Ford has teamed up with comedy kids actor, Brendan Fraser in a movie called ‘Extraordinary Measures’. Not only do I think the casting is weird but are those posters the most Photoshopped movie posters you’ve ever seen or is it just me?! They both certainly look determined! Click the images below to enlarge or visit Cinematical to view in super high res.

The movie is directed by Tom Vaughan and Cinematical, who debuted these new posters, give us the storyline:

Fraser stars as Crowley, a man working his way up in corporate America. He’s got a loving family (Keri Russell plays his wife), and everything seems to be working out splendidly. But then his two children are diagnosed with a fatal disease. He quits his job, and devotes his time and efforts into saving his children by teaming up with “a brilliant, but unappreciated and unconventional scientist” (Ford). Together they start a bio-tech company to develop a life-saving drug and “this unlikely alliance eventually develops into mutual respect as they battle the medical and business establishments in a fight against the system ““ and time.”

Extraordinary Measures is out 26th February in the UK. More info as we get it.

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  • Lady

    Thanks for the posters but you are obviously clueless about the casting issue. Brendan Fraser has been in numerous Oscar nominated/winning dramas such as Gods and Monsters, Crash, Quiet American and others like School Ties, the Air I Breathe, the Passion of Darkly Noon and the Journey to End of Night – all dramas. I actually love this casting, it is perfect. Brendan's dramas are almost always good and I think this will be good too. People tend to know him from comedies and big budget action flicks but he is a versatile actor who has movies in almost every genre.

  • Crane

    Lady, I think you're a touch too fascinated by Brendan Fraser.

  • Cali

    What you don't think Brendan can do drama? I agree the poster could have been done much better but both actors certainly can do drama. Brendan is hardly a kids actor by the way. He has done a variety of movies some more on kids level and some on adults. He has done adventure and he has done some excellent serious dramas so cut the guy a break here. They need to take that poster back and redo it so it doesn't look so photoshopped. The one with them walking down the corridor is better.