The artwork for the new generation of Star Wars films hasn’t always lived up to the grand legacy of ¬†Drew Struzan and Co. Even his own D23 poster for The Force Awakens failed to capture the epic return of the saga.

The early posters for Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also looked a little off. Having a Death Star looming large in the sky was a nice tease but it gave us nothing about the new film we didn’t already know, and that’s not enough for us to care about. We need something iconic, something simple, something that fires the imagination. But hold! The Russians are here to save us.

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Clearly inspired by the early moments of The Longest Day (a film said to be high on the list of influences for this film) a version of the new Russian poster appeared on the internet a week or so ago, but this is the best look we’ve had at the new artwork.


Immediately it’s the best poster we’ve seen for Rogue One. The others had a tangible lack of excitement or, unusually for a war film, an idea of the danger or the stakes. This Rebel helmet bobbing in the water while the massed forces of the Empire advance gives a real sense of what’s at stake here.

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An enterprising Redditor has also given us an English version of the poster which looks very fancy. Thanks Peewbacca.