Zero-Dark-Thirty-UK-PosterKathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty will be heading into US theatres in just under a month, with a strong position already cemented in the Oscar season, following Bigelow’s astounding success with her last film, The Hurt Lock.

We caught the first full-length trailer for the film last month, followed by a new US poster earlier this month, and we’ve had the new UK poster sent over, along with a handful of new images.

“The upcoming true-life drama “Zero Dark Thirty” details the decade-long global hunt for Osama bin Laden, and in this exclusive in-theater banner, you get a satellite view of his secret compound in Pakistan. Two Black Hawk helicopters are seen approaching the fortified compound in the moments before Navy SEALs carried out the raid that lead to bin Laden’s death. The movie from the Oscar-winning writer and director of “The Hurt Locker,” will hit theaters on December 19.”

The film boasts one of the finest casts of the year, headed up by Mark Strong, Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke, James Gandolfini, Scott Adkins, Jennifer Ehle, Chris Pratt, Édgar Ramirez, Frank Grillo, Nash Edgerton, and Mark Duplass, with Ricky Sekhon taking the role of bin Laden himself.

Bigelow is once more directing from a script by Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker), with the two producing alongside the increasingly brilliant and influential Megan Ellison (True Grit, The Master, Lawless).

Zero Dark Thirty will be released in the US on 19th December, in prime contention for the Academy Awards nominations and ceremony in January and February, respectively. Here in the UK, we’ve slightly longer to wait, with the release set for 25th January in the New Year, which is definitely a date to mark in your calendars. For now, here’s the new poster, alongside the new images, which you can click through to enlarge.

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