I better caveat this post before I say anything else by saying that if you’re a keen skier and for whatever reason, aren’t going to go away this season, after watching the trailer that Jon posted a few days ago you’ll very much want to go! I know as I’m very much in that boat!

Chalet Girl looks like one of those rom-coms which will have the same ending as all the rest of them but it probably won’t stop me watching it! The movie is written by Tom Williams, Produced by Wolfgang Behr, Pippa Cross, Dietmar G√ľntsche, Harriet Rees, directed by Phil Traill and stars Felicity Jones and Tamsin Egerton, Sophia Bush, Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy al with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl.

Here’s the new poster for the movie which hits UK cinemas 18th February.