Who says you can’t start advertising a movie about Easter a week before Christmas? In a smart move, the folks at Universal found a way to incorporate both major holidays into one cheerful little poster for the upcoming film, HOP.

While it was news to me that the Easter Bunny loves rocking out on the drums, it no longer surprises me now that I know it’s “rockstar” Russell Brand that is voicing him.  Is anybody weirded out that he is voicing the Easter Bunny?  I just never envisioned as a child that the Bunny would have a mildly deep English accent.  Anyway I digress.

Below you’ll find the festive poster for HOP along with a synopsis of the film.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts on it.

The tale of Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) and must take him in as he recovers. As Fred struggles with the world’s worst houseguest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up.