Olympus Has Fallen PosterNext year, the White House will be taken over by terrorists in not one, but two action/thriller blockbusters. Led by Gerard Butler, Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen will be first out the gate, hitting US cinemas in April. And following shortly after will be Roland Emmerich’s Channing Tatum-led White House Down (the first images from which we saw during the week).

With half a year left to go before Fuqua’s hits cinemas, a new poster with Butler front and centre has made its way online.

“OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is an action thriller starring Gerard Butler, a disgraced Secret Service agent who is called back to duty when the White House is taken over by terrorists.  The movie also stars Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Cole Hauser, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott, Radha Mitchell and Rick Yune.”

Butler stars alongside an impressive cast, joined by Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley Judd, Radha Mitchell, Melissa Leo, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, Robert Forster, and Rick Yune.

Fuqua is directing from a script by newcomer writers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, with Butler also serving as producer alongside past collaborators Mark Gill (Law Abiding Citizen), Alan Siegel (Machine Gun Preacher), and Ed Cathell III (Playing for Keeps).

Olympus Has Fallen will be released in the US on 5th April, 2013. No word yet on a UK date, but here’s to hoping we’ll be getting it in the spring, too. Butler and Tatum have both become rather bankable stars in Hollywood in recent years, and here’s to hoping that will be enough to have two White House movies succeed in the space of a few months.